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Video Production

Video Production

4 Reasons Your Next Marketing Campaign Needs Video

It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Video Production is
Simply hundreds of still pictures played fast, around 30 pictures per second.
That’s a lot of words.

Connect with Video Production

The world of advertising is getting tougher and tougher to break into every day
And once you are in the ‘advertising sphere’, you’re busy competing with EVERY
Other company who wants to get their message across.

It’s not so bad if you have a very niche product and a very niche audience.
For example, you might be into survival gear, that’s a very niche audience
But what if your message is meant to appeal to a wider audience? What if, for
Example, it was something like the importance of recycling, which should
Appeal to everyone of all ages?

That’s where good Video Production comes in, and above that, good storytelling.

The Importance of Story

Stories have been told for millennia across every culture and in language on earth.
Studies have shown that similar archetypes and ‘meta’ stories exist all over the world
And in every single culture, the same stories are told but with different characters.

The story is so important that when Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1440
It was quite literally a world-changing event, and it has been said that YouTube is
To Video Production , what Gutenberg was to books.

Quality Video Production

Just getting out there and ‘doing video’ isn’t quite enough, but here are four reasons you Should be including Video Production in your next marketing campaign.

Video Tells Your Story

Just as we discussed above, storytelling is inherent within us as a people, as a culture, as a Member of the human race. We connect with a story, and when you use Video Production In your marketing, you can help your audience connect with YOUR story.

Video Production Is Authentic

Just as Video Production helps to tell your story, by using your staff, your products, your Buildings, your language, you will be able to share the authentic you, and the story that Makes you what and who you are as a business, and what makes your product or service Special as ASIC etc

Professional Videos Look Amazing

While we believe everyone should do video, there’s definitely something different about a Professionally shot and professionally lighted video over a shaky, blurry, and dark Smartphone camera video.

That’s not to say a smartphone can’t make a perfectly good Video Production , and in Some cases, it’s more authentic, but a professional editor can make even the worst looking Video look like a work of art!

Social Media is Now Video First

Facebook is moving to a video-first in its advertising priorities, Twitter is pushing for More video content, Instagram and Tiktok are practically designed for Video Production , And then there’s YouTube, the second largest search engine on earth.

It makes sense to connect where your audience is, and people buy people, so get your People in front of the camera and get started shooting and creating video for your next Epic marketing campaign today.

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